July 26 - November 8, 2022


12 PM - 2 PM CST

[Replays available for the duration of the training]


Join HOLLY NASTASI for the Nia White Belt Training ONLINE.

Part movement training, part personal retreat, the Nia® White Belt will take you on a guided journey into a deeper relationship with your Self.

Find the JOY in Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit that is your birthright. Learn to listen deeply to the yearnings of your body and the desires of your soul.

Discover the transformation that awaits you on the other side of awareness.

FOCUS: Art of Sensation

INTENT: Embody the Foundation of Nia

Nia White Belt Training takes you on a journey of self-discovery by exploring the art of sensation through 13 principles for body-centered awareness. 

Each principle teaches you a variety of skills and practices to increase your body literacy - the ability to listen to your body - and empowers you to make choices that enhance health and total well-being on and off the dance floor.

Nia White Belt teaches you the Art of Sensation through five core areas of study:

  • Movement - the study of moving, health + potential 

  • Anatomy - the study of body design, parts + systems 

  • Science - the study of body awareness, health + vitality

  • Music - the study of sound, health + expression

  • Philosophy - the study of the body's inherent wisdom


This 16-Week Online Training Includes:

1)  Weekly 2 Hour LIVE Experiential Sessions via ZOOM 
       (live participation is encouraged, however, replay access is available)

2)    ONLINE Training Portal with access to the White Belt EMBODY Curriculum including:

  • Weekly agendas with suggested homework exercises

  • Podcasts to support your embodied learning

  • On-demand Nia classes for you to use throughout your training

  • Community portal to stay connected with your trainer and fellow trainees between live sessions.

  • PDF Download of White Belt LEARN Book and EMBODY Journal

  • Audio Guided Meditations and Movement Exercises

  • And more...

3)   Weekly LIVE Online Nia Classes with your Trainer

COST: $1599 USD + tax

Payable in two installments: $500.00 Registration Fee + $1099.00 Trainer Fee (trainer fee will be invoiced in trainer's local currency and may be subject to exchange rate and regional taxes)

  • $500.00

    Registration Fee (due upon registration) + $1099.00 Trainer Fee (paid 30-days prior to training start).






Nancy McNichol

"The White Belt was so much more than I had anticipated. As we went deeper into Nia principles, I went deeper into me and my old beliefs about myself. What surprised me was the safety and support I felt while doing this. The experience truly is crafted to be a firm, loving and accepting base to grow from."

Diane Lyons

"This training has awakened my love for Nia and the importance of incorporating the principles into my everyday life. I understand the power of healing to a greater degree. Beginner’s Mind provides me a lens to experience things anew!"

Summer Gray

"The Nia White Belt Training was truly a body, mind, spirit transformational experience! I came in thinking this was all about the body and somatic practices but danced away with so much more--a greater awareness and appreciation for my body and its connection to my mind and spirit. Before this training, I would often minimize messages from my body, mind, and spirit. Now, I have learned to listen to their voices. While there are many things to love about Nia, what I love most is how it honors each person's uniqueness rather than being focused on performance. "

Lydia Hudson

"White Belt has deepened my practice of Nia as it has given me tools to sense my body even more. It has also helped changed my mindset about my body, and has helped my love my body and treat it better."


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  • A deeper understanding of self: knowing your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

  • Techniques to sustain and increase pleasurable sensation in your body.

  • Ways to integrate Nia’s nine movement forms: Jazz Dance, Duncan Dance, Modern Dance; Aikido, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do; The Alexander Technique, The Work of Moshe Feldenkrais® and Yoga.

  • The 52 Moves of Nia: the language of conditioning and self-healing.

  • The Five Sensations of Functional Fitness

  • How to work with the 8BC system: Developing listening skills to code and map music and sound.

  • The practice of RAW: Relaxed, Alert, Waiting and what it means to be in “living meditation.”

  • How to stimulate movement creativity using the eight stages of FreeDance.

  • The Body’s Way method for moving and physical conditioning.

  • How to listen to the voices of your body.

  • About your “witness” and how to use it as a tool for self-healing.

  • How to create an optimal learning experience working with the Energy Allies.

  • How to communicate what you sense in your body.

  • Nia’s BODY + LIFE philosophy and what it means to create a sacred livelihood based on your unique life purpose.


Begin your Nia journey with the first 13 White Belt Principles to enrich BODY + LIFE


PRINCIPLE 1: Joy of Movement is the foundation for the entire body of Nia work. This principle teaches you to choose sensation to connect to joy. in Nia, the word JOY expresses a universal energy, different from emotional enjoyment. As you learn to sense your body, you can invite JOY into the experience of your life. Over time and through Nia practice, you can learn to sustain and increase the amount of JOY you sense and experience!

PRINCIPLE 2: Natural Time + Movement Forms

PRINCIPLE 3: Music + 8 BC System

PRINCIPLE 4: FreeDance

PRINCIPLE 5: Awareness


PRINCIPLE 7: Planes + Intensity Levels


PRINCIPLE 9: Upper Extremities

PRINCIPLE 10: X-Ray Anatomy

PRINCIPLE 11: Creating a Sensory Life

PRINCIPLE 12: Body + Life Transformation

PRINCIPLE 13: Living What You Sense


Nia Faculty Trainer

Holly Nastasi

Holly Nastasi began teaching group fitness in 1983. She has followed a path from Jane Fonda-style aerobics to Nia body and life education that includes weight training, running, step aerobics, interval classes, personal training, personal growth, program development, community development, facility operations, marketing, finances, and education. Following her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from UT Austin, Holly completed her first level of Nia training, White Belt, while working towards her Master of Education degree in health promotion at UT Austin. Her professional career began as a program coordinator for the Wellness Program for the Recreation Department at UT Austin. Soon after, she launched her own business by opening one of a first of its kind, a mind/body studio, called NiaSpace, in Austin, TX. There she successfully developed a vibrant community of Nia teachers and dancers that thrived together. Holly achieved her Black Belt status in Nia during that time and began offering the Body and Life education for Nia teachers and students, White Belt, The Art of Sensation. The White Belt is the entry level training to become certified in the program and licensed to teach. These trainings are open to both teachers and students alike. No experience is necessary. Holly’s passion for Nia led her to Santa Fe, NM, where she repeated her success in Austin by helping establish Studio Nia Santa Fe with good friend and colleague, Jan Pitlak. Holly’s vision of a spacious, welcoming, collaborative Nia dance studio that specialized in the delivery of Nia in all its formats, bringing health, fitness and joy to thousands of people, lives still, years after Holly moved away to Lincoln, NE. Studio Nia Santa Fe has become the premier Nia Studio worldwide, offering over 40 Nia classes a week led by highly skilled, experienced, soulful Nia teachers. Studio Nia Santa Fe continues also as an educational center for Nia, developing Nia teachers from around the world through the Nia Body and Life Education program, an original intent of Holly’s. Lincoln, NE is the third Nia community developed by Holly. Arriving in 2011, Holly began building the Nia program by establishing classes at fitness centers, dance studios, 55+ communities, universities, and elder care centers. As a Nia trainer, Holly certified and licensed a team of Lincoln Nia teachers who are also teaching in these and other settings. Nia continues to develop there to this day. Holly has re-located once again to College Station, TX, where she is developing another Nia community. Holly’s unique upbringing, education, competence, passion, and charisma have been a blessing in her life. Happily married, pursuing her work and loving her family, Holly looks forward to every day she gets to share the rich, body-learning experience of Nia, wherever she is. Experience Nia with Holly and connect to the music, movement, and magic of Nia, which can truly change your life.

COST: $1599 USD + tax

Payable in two installments: $500.00 Registration Fee + $1099.00 Trainer Fee (trainer fee will be invoiced in trainer's local currency and may be subject to exchange rate and regional taxes)

  • $500.00

    Registration Fee (due upon registration) + $1099.00 Trainer Fee (paid 30-days prior to training start).




Anyone can take the Nia white Belt; no experience is required. The Nia White Belt is adaptable to all levels of fitness, experience and abilities.


After you graduate as a Nia White Belt, you are invited to continue your Nia journey through one of three Nia Membership paths:

  • Dancing Through Life: For the passionate and committed Nia graduate

  • Sacred Athlete: For the Nia graduate interested in learning and practicing teaching skill

  • Sacred Livelihood: For aspiring Nia Teaching Professionals

If you do not choose to become a Nia member, you will have access to your online training portal for 2 weeks after your training graduation.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Nia Membership.


Registration and instruction fees are non-refundable. Should you cancel your registration more than 30 days prior to the training start date, the registration fee will be credited to your Nia account. Should you cancel your registration less than 30 days prior to the training start date, you will incur a cancellation fee of $250 which will be deducted from your registration fee. The remaining balance will be credited to your Nia account.




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